Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

This week has flown by! 

We started out the week with a slower P-Day, but my district checked out the beautiful super tiny little Afrikaner town of Redhouse in our area next to KwaMagxaki. It has a beautiful ocean inlet and very beautiful houses. 

The rest of the week was packed full of things! Elder Reedy and myself have been focused on our planning and goals and we've really seen the blessings of it! We had 47 lessons total and it was definitely because of our planning. It's exciting to see the progress of the area!

Aside from being busy busy not much crazy things have happened. Tuesday we had 4 dinner appointments which was very spiritually and physically filling haha. On Saturday we went to the Relief Society's birthday party they held for the 175th year. It's awesome the programs the church has. Without the Relief Society the church would not be what it is today. It has done so much good in the world and continues it all areas of the world. 

Sunday we confirmed Jr and it was awesome. He's a great kid and there's so much in store, Sive will get confirmed next Sunday. Another cool thing is Khanyiso may be called to be the ward mission leader which would be awesome! It's cool to see these guys growing in the gospel.

We also found a massive snail before district meeting in Uitenhage, (snails here are big but this one was titan) and we named our car the Jolly Afrikaner.

Well I get to skype this sunday! I'm excited for that! Until next week

Elder Smith

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