Monday, May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

This week was a fun and busy week.

Monday we went into PE for P-Day and went to the mega-mall Baywest. It's a gigantic mall here and has everything from Ice Skating to Bowling and Imax (can't do until after mission). We had a great time and Elder Ondracek broke the high score for the day so he won a free bowling pass... we might have to go back haha. 

Tuesday we had interviews with President Merrill in Uitenhage and then had a bunch of appointments afterwards and we got a bunch of work done. 

Wednesday we had an awesome Zone Conference with President Merrill and had a good time learning soooo much from him. I'm going to miss him when he leaves in July but I'm excited for what's in store. We learned a lot about goals, forgiveness, and everything in between. It was an awesome conference. We came back from PE and had the baptismal interviews for Sive, Jr. and Zuko, and Zuko wasn't ready to interview so we'll catch this week or next which will be awesome, but Sive and Jr. passed! We were really excited.

Thursday and Friday we were busy with a lot of appointments but also a lot of dropped appointments. Oh well, such is the work. 

On Saturday the ward had organised a Mormon Helping Hands project at our recent convert's house. We tore down one of the rooms and the doors and built a new room and put in new doors. We worked for about 8 hours, but the ward continued long after which was awesome. It was a good face for the church in the community and Sinovuyo's family is actually open to the gospel now so we'll be seeing them this week and they promised to come to church so hopefully we'll see them this coming Sunday. We also ate Smiley and Uluso (sheep head and intestines), it wasn't bad.... but it was what it was haha, nothing too special. 

Sunday was an awesome day! Sive and Jr. were baptized! They were so excited and it's exciting to see what their future in the church holds! They're going to be powerful priesthood holders someday! Well that's the week for now, a lot of work this coming!

Until next

Elder Smith

***Elder Smith also added: Thanks for working on the temple names, I know it's helping the work in white areas, the mission is doing really good right now, and it's fun living in Despatch and Uitenhage because most of the people/street names are those surnames so it's cool to wonder if they're related.
Baywest Bowling

Elder Reedy and the Mamas

Mormon Helping Hands

Sive and Jr.'s Baptism

Smiley (Boiled sheep's head)

The Mama's

The Young Men

The Young Women

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