Monday, July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017

Time is really flying and time is soon approaching on 11 months and a year- but- I'm not over the hill yet and Mandalay has yet to see the fire so there's still a lot to do. 

Monday we started out with a fun P-Day, as recommended by Elder and Sister Hansen, 

We went to the Castle of Good Hope in the center of downtown. It was an awesome castle and it made me feel like I was in Europe again. We went on a self guided tour and had a fun time wandering around through all of the castle. It had a beautiful view of Table Mountain too, the day was perfect. Afterwards we took a short drive on the coast to Sea Point and took some pics. There's a reason why they call it the most beautiful mission in the world ;) 

The rest of the week we've been keeping busy with the work. The work is slowly but surely picking up. We actually had PEC with the ward this week and the ward mission plan is starting to motivate the ward to do good. Our investigators are starting to keep commitments so hopefully in August we will be able to have some baptisms! 

Mandalay is growing on me, it's dangerous, but your prayers and support are really helping. We'll be working to get some more investigators and get the work rolling like mad. Sorry for the short email this week but things are still going going going! 

Elder Smith

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

The weeks are flying by

We started out this week with a Braai at the Zone Leaders and Elder Steffensen bought some giant steaks and they were pretty great. One of the Pirate Ships at the Disney Studios was moved closer to the N2 so we had a nice view of it on the drive. 

Tuesday I was on Exchanges with Elder Wamunyima, my Zone Leader and we had a great time with some powerful lessons. 

Wednesday Elder Steffensen came back sick and so we were put in sick rest for the day so I did a lot of cleaning and studying. 

Thursday was a normal day, we had a great lesson with Coffant, one of our investigators and we actually set a baptismal date for him on August 20th. 

Friday was powerful, we had a meet and greet (kind of a zone conference) with President Lebethoa and his family and the three Cape Town Zones. It was powerful and he is going to be a really awesome mission president. He is full of fire and is ready to push this mission from the get go which is awesome! I'm excited. 

Saturday we had a normal day and had a nice appointment with our bishop and his wife in the evening.

Sunday we had a great day at church and afterwards went to Mama Doreen's for an appointment and she fed us some nice sandwiches. Following we went to our Lunch Appointment at mama Mtila's with the other Elders. We had a great time there. Following that Elder Steffensen and I drove into Cape Town and we had a nice DA with the Hansen's (The Sr. Couple. He was a history teacher at Snow Canyon) We had a great taco salad and I was able to help Sister Hansen with some music stuff and we had a nice lesson. 

As a district we've been looking for ways to push the ward and increase the ward's involvement with missionary work, as of late there is none, but we drafted a Ward Mission Plan in District Meeting and we presented it to the Bishop. We now have a spot on the bulletin and we're hoping it will work to bring missionaries and members together. Our vision is that the Missionaries and Members will be equally yolked to bring 5 individuals unto Christ per month with full retention and support. The Vision scriptures are D&C 38:40-41, and 18:10,15-16. We'll be pushing this for the ward and we're optimistic it will bring good change.

Another Week in Mandalay

Elder Smith

P-Day Braai at the Zone Leader's (Elder Steffensen and I had the 3 steaks)

One of the Priates of the Caribbean ships at Disney Studios Cape Town

Exchanges with Elder Wamunyima 

After Church

The District

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017

Hey Everyone!

Time is flying in Mandalay,

July rolled around and we now have a new mission president as of Saturday morning. It's sad to see President Merrill leave but we're all excited to have President Lebethoa
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This past week has been pretty average but something funny happened. I contacted Brother Albert, one of my recent converts from Mthatha baptised in October, and the rest of his family actually lives in Mandalay haha! And his son Shaun was baptised back in January and we visit him quite often. It's pretty funny how things work in the church. It's pretty cool to make that connection and get in contact.

Our shower knob broke on Thursday so the hot water wouldn't shut off so that put a hitch in the day haha. But Tony the plumber came and closed off the tap so he'll be back this week to finish repairing it. As of late we shower downstairs with the other elders. 

We're really pushing the work and trying to help the members get involved. It's going to be an uphill battle but we've got some plans and the desire so we'll see how it goes. We had another great DA with Mama D on Sunday, the second in a row. She's a fantastic cook. 
Sorry for the shorter email but all is well. 
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The District