Tuesday, August 30, 2016

WEEK 1: August 30, 2016

Hey Everyone!!!!
Howzit back in the states? The MTC is a BLAST! I may not be able to get pictures uploaded until I get to Cape Town because these computers are ancient, but oh well, I'm alive. My companion elder Kruse is such a great first companion! We get along great and we have learned soooo much during our teaching! I am a district leader and my district is the largest of the 4 here at the MTC, my district is
Bozer - ZL, Cape Town, from AZ
Ivins - ZL, Cape Town, from UT
Smith - DL, Cape Town, from UT
Kruse - Cape Town, from CA
Ballstaed - Cape Town, from UT
Byrom - Zimbabwe, from Cheddargorge England
Ondracek - Cape Town, from NV
Heald - Cape Town, from UT

We all bunk in the same room and it really keeps our spirits up. We have been eating some weird things here, not all have settled well - the food is not like mom's cooking. We've had lamb, donkey, fish, beef, chicken, and probably a few other things I don't want to know haha. President Ashton is a wonderful man and his wife is like our mom here. President Ashton's father was the late apostle Marvin J Ashton. His dad dedicated the ground for the Johannesburg temple that we're going to Thursday. Teaching fake investigators has been hard. It has taught Kruse and I so much of what to expect in the future. We've learned though that if we pray before and prepare well enough, we ride off the spirit and are on the same page the whole time! It's a way cool experience. Sunday was the best. We had sacrament meeting here at the MTC and the Spirit was so strong!! The gospel is true and it's so fun to be learning and teaching as much as I am!

With love until next week, 
Elder Smith

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Safe Arrival

Email from South Africa MTC:

I'm alive and well in the SA MTC. I'm not dead yet haha.
Love ya
Elder Smith