Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15, 2017

This week has been powerful, well the past two weeks in general. Elder Reedy and I have really been working on our goal setting and planning and obedience. It's really proved amazing. 

We've been able to take our investigator pool and now it is almost all males over 12 and one father led family with 4 sons. It's pretty amazing. 

As we've worked with the members our relationship with them and their motive to do missionary work has slowly grown. The only side effect is getting fed too much. It's being quite detrimental to how we feel. We got fed 4 unplanned D.A's in one day and it's been like that most of the days... 

But aside, the work here is amazing and I would wish I could stay for a few more months but who knows what the Lord has in store, but there's too much good work going on to leave... 

We've been able to take our RC Sive out fellowshipping and he's loving it. We take him quite often now and he wants to serve a mission so bad. He'd be an awesome missionary and he, our other recent converts Jr, and Khanyiso received the priesthood yesterday which was awesome as well. It's exciting to see how well the work is. 

Elder Ondracek and I had a nice exchange last Thursday and I had my first experience teaching coloured people which was much different because they are Afrikaans speaking. 

Calling home was nice, it was interesting to see how people changed though... two years is a long time but it is flying waay too fast. Well, besides staying busy with appointments, the work is awesome here in KwaMagxaki so until next week!

Elder Smith

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