Monday, May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

Hey everyone!

KwaMagxaki is the Best! But time is flying right by...

This week has been powerful with a lot of appointments. But we started out by having a giant braai as a zone. We bought tons of chicken, beef, boerewors, cool drink, and chips. Man was it good. After we just went and threw around a frisbee and kicked around a soccer and rugby ball. It was pretty nice for a P-Day.

But for the work it's been a lot of member visits and working with investigators. We're trying to get a family mission plan started in each family so the members can get more involved with the work. It will hopefully help them catch the vision of missionary work and not only help them, but help us.

The best part of the week was Zuko, Aphelele, and Yolanda's baptism! It's been great to work with these people and see the conversion and have them come unto Christ. It was really cool because Yolanda's mom came from Joburg to support and she isn't a member but we were able to leave her with materials and a way to contact the missionaries that side. Pretty fun stuff. Zuko had his uncle (Bishop) baptize him, and Aphelele wanted Vusi (one of our awesome fellowshippers) to baptize her, and Yolanda wanted me to baptize her. So there was a lot of cold wet people haha. It'll be great next week to have them recieve the gift of the Holy Ghost and for Zuko to be able to receive the Priesthood. 

Two more weeks here in KwaMagxaki! 

Elder Smith
Elder Smith, Bishop (Baptizing Zuko), Aphelele, Zuko, Yolanda, Vusi (Baptizing Aphelele), and Elder Reedy

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