Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

Time really flies, especially in KwaMagxaki. 9 months this week Thursday, pretty crazy stuff, where has the time gone??

Monday we went back to Baywest Mall and did some more bowling as a district but our scores were worse, oh well. We also did some skee-ball and air hockey and arcade games so it was a fun P-Day.

Transfer news came on Saturday in regards to the special 3 week transfer in preparation for President Merrill's leave, 

Good News! I'll be here at least another three weeks!!! Elder Reedy and I are super happy to have these next three weeks. 

We actually got a ward mission leader now who's a returned missionary and actually served at Elder Macamo's (our Zone Leader) house haha in Joburg, but he and ourselves have a great vision for the ward and I think we're going to ramp up the work even more! 

One of the best things is our baptismal candidates passed their interviews and one of them, Zuko, is awesome. He's 24 and a super hard working guy and he'll be a powerful priesthood holder. I can't wait for the 3 baptisms this upcoming Sunday!! 

It's amazing how fruitful this area has become and we hope to get it up even more! Elder Reedy and I have figured it all works best when we're equally yoked and as we both pull the same we can really push ourselves.

I went on exchanges with Elder Lillback and we had a great time and watched a funny brawl between two drunk guys. On the exchange though I found I have some relatives here in SA, the Du Toit family! It was a pretty funny to have dinner with family lol. It's great because we'll be working together on our family history and our pooled efforts will help with not only the genealogy but the temple work! We are both related to the same about 10th great grandfather, the first Du Toit's in South Africa. 

Exciting stuff happening! Until next week!
Elder Smith

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